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What Bite Club Has Been Eating: March/April

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

We're living in a time when most of us are locked up at home with not much to do to fill the time in between Zoom classes, Animal Crossing, and our daily government-sanctioned walks. We wake up, put on our sweatpants, and pretend to pay attention in our lectures as society negotiates this epidemic, but like many other people, the members of Bite Club have also used this time to work on cooking and baking projects. Here are some from the last few weeks.

Apple Galette and Sourdough Bread - Casey Stern

Staff writer Casey Stern has been baking up a storm in quarantine, making a beautiful apple galette, and of course, contributing a sourdough to the bread craze. You can follow her Instagram _ to keep up with her baking adventures.

Avocado Toast and LEVain Bakery Cookies - Sophie Park

For her food photography class, Sophie has had to do a series of toast photos, and this installment of the millennial classic is honestly one of the prettiest we've seen. She also has been handling her New York's Levain Bakery withdrawal by recreating their famous cookies.

Cinnamon Buns - Stella Eliopoulos

Stella is also spending her extra time working on different baking projects, including making these cinnamon buns completely from scratch. She used this recipe.

Baked Mac and Cheese - Jamie Han

There really is nothing quite as comforting as a gooey mac and cheese with breadcrumbs and bacon bits on top. Recommended for those quarantine days where nothing really feels right.

Earl Grey Cupcakes with Whipped Cream Frosting - Katie Sun

Managing Editor Katie Sun has been developing her baking skills and with this kit from The Kitsby, has achieved a degree of success. She let us know that she, like Claire Saffitz on Day 3 of a Gourmet Make, "can accept zero criticism right now" on her cupcakes. We think she did a pretty good job.

Nutella Macarons - Emma Agripino

With the help of her mother, Staff Writer Emma Agripino made these nice little Nutella-filled macarons.

Whether it's making cookies or making sourdough, baking and cooking new things can give you something to occupy your mind and distract you from everything that's going on. Cooking is one of the few things you can have complete control over in times like these, and hopefully, we've given you some ideas to try on your own.

Continue cooking and continue baking, but also remember to support local restaurants and order takeout! We will get through this, but we have to support each other. Share some cookies with your neighbors (contactless drop off of course) and if you're able, donate some money to support restaurant workers and their families.


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