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Funny, Charming, and Bizarre Food Tiktok Accounts You Need to Follow

I think I speak for many of us when I say Tiktok has become one of the highlights of my day while living in Covid-Era USA. Being stuck at home or in a dorm room can be dull, and reaching for specially curated content with the click on a few buttons on my phone is an easy cure for boredom. Food and cooking are one of TikTok’s most consistently popular genres of content for good reason as well as my own. Watching people cook and eat is satisfying mentally, emotionally, and even physically. Through my many hours spent on TikTok, I have constructed a list of some of the coolest, unique, and even weird food accounts that each offer an original perspective to food content. Some are funny, many are strange, and a few will certainly lighten your mood no matter what your mood.


This account is one of the most interesting and consistent food accounts I have come across. Run by Zara Keyes, she posts short videos of toast recipes based on themes from popular movies and TV shows. Accustomed to the time of year and the upcoming holidays, this account bridges fan-favorite films with toast. One day you might find a “Harry Potter” inspired toast or even a “Silence of the Lambs.” Other days you may find “Euphoria” or “Mean Girls” in toast form.


CookingwithLynja is a hilarious cooking account by Chef Lynja. She is a grandma with “killer cooking skills” whose videos are not only delicious to watch but also surprising with funny editing techniques and narration by Lynja herself. This account is perfect for recipes and how-to cooking videos, but also for a lighthearted, comedic approach to cooking that will make anyone laugh.


Kevin Wilson is the self-proclaimed CEO of Chai, and his videos will surely convince you to buy a mortar and pestle and grind up your own mug of warm-spiced, milky tea. Kevin is a 30-year-old pastor that teaches traditional chai recipes and cooking techniques alongside insightful life advice. His videos provide viewers with a relaxing space to learn about this famous drink and its history with a cheerful attitude that will make you think twice about ordering chai from your nearest coffee shop.


Chefsanddogs is an account that offers a unique approach to canine cuisine. Concocting recipes for both dogs and cats, videos include gourmet recipes for any hungry animal. Recipes include curry, sushi, pies, and cakes that are filmed in a professional style that makes the food desirable among even humans. It is surely the fanciest animal food you will ever see.


This account offers content for a very specific class of people… pickle lovers. The pickle obsessed content includes reviews of takeout orders from local and fast-food restaurants while making sure to emphasize their requested “extra pickles.” Alongside satisfying footage of the food itself, the “gender-ambiguous fingers,” as they deem themselves, take apart each meal and count the number of pickles. The account sounds strange, and it is, but its weirdness is entertaining and relatable to anyone with a love for these tangy-crunchy condiments.


Alice is an average at-home baker recreating all of the technical challenges from The Great British Baking Show. Proclaiming her feed as “Julie and Julia but make it British,” her comedy and self-deprecating humor convey a funny approach to her otherwise stressful baking attempts. Many of her bakes, however, do turn out well and look delicious.


This account is run by a pastry chef in training exposing behind the scene of her experience at pastry school. While this account is small in followers, it offers an unforeseen perspective to pastry school through witty narration, offering a relatable insight into the world of pastry. Viewers are brought into the kitchen and walked through the techniques learned that day. The food is not only satisfying to watch but also intriguing in its creation by a narrator that sounds just like us.


Loosey is a steak lover to her core, and she is not afraid to call you out for liking your beef cooked anywhere past medium-rare. As a brand ambassador for the famous New York butcher Pat LeFreida, Loosey’s feed is full of anything and everything related to meat. Some videos include simple how-to-cook tomahawk steak demonstrations and others work to recreate dishes from some of New York’s most renounce steak restaurants. Every once in a while Lucy will review a famous NYC steakhouse and even compare its food to her own cooking. Apologies to vegans and vegetarians as her content is definitely not pro-plant.


Jaeki Cho’s feed offers a cross-section of Korean recipes, New York restaurant reviews, and sneaker culture. His deep-voiced and humorous narration is surely likable by all. Cho fosters a laid-back attitude around good food that exposes the secrets of Korean cooking in an approachable way that is sure to inspire your next meal. Bringing sneaker culture into conversation with food makes for a unique mix of content that any hypebeast-foodie will relish.


Giovanni Contrada is an American living in Milan that captures his day to day Italian eats. Ratings different types of focaccia, breakfast pastries, and even espresso while educating viewers on Italian and English food translation, Contrada is living the life we all wish we had. While sometimes traveling to the US to review famous restaurants, his content, based in Milan, captures the simplistic genius of Italian cooking and its undeniable love by anyone with a stomach.


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